Walter was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio by immigrants from Germany. He met Chris in junior high school and Dyland a couple years later in high school. After high school Walter studied film and video production at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He hooked up with Dyland to help with the soundtrack for a film he was doing for school and a year later he, Chris and Dyland, along with some other high school friends were sharing a house off campus. There they formed the Liquid Air, jamming together, recording music for student film for his school projects and those of other friends at the OSU film school.

After college, Walter moved to Los Angeles where he worked freelance on various independent features, shorts, corporate videos and commercials. Several of the songs on "The Sea" were begun during this period. After three years he moved back to Ohio to form a film production company with some friends called Fallout Shelter Productions. This company produced the independent feature film "The Men in Black", years before the Hollywood film with a similar name was produced. He got together with Chris and other collaborators and with Dyland's assistance they produced the musical soundtrack to the film.

Dyland and Walter made several abortive attempts to start a band. All the while they continued to write songs and record demos, alone, together, and sometimes with Chris who was living in Athens, Ohio at the time. After collecting so much material it only made sense to put together a home recording studio and put together an album. Thus "The Sea" was born.


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