During the month of August 2013 the band will be featured on the European Edition of Don Campau's radio show, "No Pigeonholes" broadcast by Radio Marabu, Europe's leading alternative station. For more information about them go to: www.radiomarabu.de. The shows are available as podcasts for non European listeners at http://doncampau.podomatic.com/. Look for August 2013 program2.


After moving to other cities and exploring various creative avenues for a decade or so, Chris, Dyland, and Walter regrouped in the new millennium to record their first full rock album, "The Sea". Drawing on various musical inspirations and songwriting methods, Liquid Air has assembled a synthesis of progressive-leaning rock styles. Themes on the record are based around a loose narrative concept of characters and scenarios in a city by the sea.

"The Sea" exists in the common ground at the end of diverse musical avenues. Some listeners have been reminded of Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, or The Cure; others mention Talking Heads, Beach Boys, Eddie Money, Alan Parsons Project, Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler, and even Johnny Cash.

For information on purchasing a copy of "The Sea" go to the Home page or Merchandise.


The Liquid Air has begun work on re-mastering it's soundtrack for the independent feature film, "The Men in Black." The CD will be released and available for purchase in 2013. Also, hopefully, the DVD for the film itself will also be released shortly thereafter.


Spring 2013 - The Liquid Air has begun work on composing songs for their next CD. The band hope to begin recording material for the as yet untitled album later in the year.


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