Dyland was born in Florida and spent much of his early life traveling throughout New England and Eastern Canada. He comes from a musical family as both his mother and father played and sang songs around the house. Eventually his family settled in Mansfield, Ohio where he attended high school with Chris and Walter.

After high school he moved to Chicago where he along with his brothers and friends formed the band Scotland Yard. After this he hitchhiked across the United States before returning to Mansfield. At this time he hooked up with Walter who needed help with a soundtrack to a student film. At a party at Chris's house he was invited to move into a house with Chris, Walter and other high school friends attending The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Here he often jammed with Chris and Walter and the Liquid Air was formed.

After the college days when the household split up Dyland started studying classical guitar and would sometimes play small solo gigs around Columbus. When Walter moved back from Los Angeles they tried several aborted attempts to start a band and Dyland contributed some of his equipment for the recording of the soundtrack for the independent feature "The Men in Black" that Walter was producing. During this time Dyland wrote and produced demo recording for several songs, some of which were used when the Liquid Air regrouped for the new millennia.


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