The Band

The Liquid Air is an occasional project band encompassing a loose confederacy of songwriters and musicians. The core trio consists of multi-instrumentalists Walter Burbach, Dyland Wilson, and Chris Dillon. They first started making and recording sounds together in the days when CD players and VCRs were expensive and the World Wide Web was just a fantasy. Against a backdrop of MTV, big hair, Reaganomics, and Ohio State University, Walter, Dyland, Chris, and their group of creative friends regularly gathered to drink cheap beer and entertain each other with absurd antics and wanton cacophony.

A few of these artistic ne'r-do-wells were film students who needed original soundtracks for their movie projects. It was only fitting that "musical" accompaniment for the films and videos should develop directly from this loose union of film and music enthusiasts. Studio time was booked, players were gathered, and the tape started rolling.

Over a period of about six years, recordings were made for numerous shorts and a feature film. When not working on film soundtracks, The Liquid Air spent time jamming and recording for the pure enjoyment of creating music. Sporadic live house performances occurred, often launched spontaneously during parties. These musical ventures were generally conducted with a heavy focus on improvisation and experimentation, tempered with traditional rock and pop song structures and aesthetics.

After moving to other cities and exploring various creative avenues for a decade or so, Chris, Dyland, and Walter regrouped in the new millennium to record their first full rock album, The Sea. Drawing on various musical inspirations and songwriting methods, Liquid Air has assembled a synthesis of progressive-leaning rock styles. Themes on the record are based around a loose narrative concept of characters and scenarios in a city by the sea.



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